The Wishlist Post #7: Stationary Picks

Like most bloggers I have a serious love for stationary and get a little bit too excited about finding new ways to keep my life organised. These are my six items that I am lusting after at the moment and yes, I do need a 37th notebook to add to my collection…

From top left to bottom right:

1. Collins Zipped Ringbinder Folio, Staples £23

Since starting my blog and working in PR I have built up a nice little portfolio of coverage that I have achieved. Now all I need is a nice portfolio to present it in and this pale pink leather look offering from Staples would fit the bill perfectly. I also think it would look really nice embossed with my name at the bottom, as I have demonstrated with a handy bit of photoshop in the picture above.

2. Caroline Gardener Say So Weekly Planner, John Lewis £7.50 

I have only just discovered the Caroline Gardener spring range and man am I in love! Anything that will spruce up my work desk is a okay with me, and this super cute weekly planner will be perfect for jotting down what I need to do each day. 

3. Small Globe, Laura Ashley £28

Okay so technically I guess this isn’t stationary BUT since I also plan to use this to make my desk at work look a bit more homely, I am cheating and whacking it in here too. I have recently bought a little hanging globe for my car and I have a big world map on my bedroom wall so it’s only fair I get one for work too, right?

4. 2015 Kate Spade Agenda, Lifeguard Press £21

The new Kate Spade Agenda isn’t released until later this month and it’s still only available to purchase in the US which means crazy shipping costs but these obstacles will not stand in my way. My diary for this year has just found itself with a nice big stain on the front and this is a definite sign that the world wants me to buy the Kate Spade. 

5. New York Notebook & Pen, Present Provider £14.95

In case I hand’t mentioned it I am travelling to the city that never sleeps in November and I CANNOT wait. This super cute little notebook would be perfect as our bible for the trip where we can jot down everything we want to see/do while we are there. 

6. Sharpie Fine Markers Pastel Pack, Everyday Pens £3.95

If you read this blog very often you will have noticed that I am a bit of a fan of pastels – so what better way to adorn all my new stationary than with these beautiful pastel sharpies? 

I haven’t done a wishlist post in so long, I forgot how much fun they are…and how bad they are for my bank balance!

Would any of these make it onto your wishlist?

Charlotte x