The Wishlist Post #4: Sunshine Sweatshirts for Spring

As the British weather is renowned for being unpredictable, the arrival of spring doesn’t necessarily mean you can pack away your winter layers just yet. Luckily for me I am a big sweatshirt fan so any excuse to snuggle up in a baggy oversized number is a-okay over here. This is my roundup of the best sweatshirts with a sunshine twist to keep you warm on those chillier spring days.

From Left to Right

1) Pale Lime Oversized Sweatshirt, River Island, £28

2) ‘Party at Gatsby’s’ Sweatshirt, Etsy, £17

3) Tumblr Transparent “Radiate Positive Vibes” Sweatshirt, Etsy, £12

4) ‘I woke up like this’ Beyonce Sweatshirt, Etsy, £15

5) Short Sweatshirt, H&M, £15

6) Patterned Scuba Top, H&M, £25

Have you found any good Spring cover ups?

Charlotte x