The Travel Post #14: My Favourite New York Eats

In the past year, I have been lucky enough
to pay two visits to the big apple. The first trip was a whirlwind of ticking
off as much of my New York bucket list as was physically possible in 5 days,
which meant we often ended up just grabbing food on the go. But when I returned
for New Years Eve a couple of weeks ago, we managed to do things at a
(slightly!) slower pace, which meant I could take the time to enjoy some of the
city’s amazing food scene. This is just a roundup of some of my favourite
places we tried out and all of them I would definitely recommend checking out
if you are planning to visit NYC this year.

St Anselm, Williamsburg

One thing you are sure to find in New York
is great steak, and there’s no better place to find it than Brooklyn. The
trendy Willamsburg district has some great choices including the famous Peter Luger  restaurant – however we opted for the smaller and more unassuming St
Anslem. The meat was incredible and was served alongside a delicious selection
of sides including spinach gratin and mash potatoes pan-fried in truffle oil,
which were my favourites! The cosy spot also boasts a great wine menu and is
considerably better value than some of it’s local competitors – making it a
great choice if you are looking to get some tasty steak without paying over the

Hotel Chantelle, Lower East Side

If you have read any of my blogs before you
will know I am a serious brunch lover, so I was super excited when my friend
Holly had booked us in at this boutique hotel (which isn’t really a hotel at
all!) found on the Lower East Side. Served on the most Pinterest worthy rooftop
terrace with a swing band playing live music, brunch at Hotel Chantelle is straight from a movie scene. The standard menu consists of brunch time classics with a twist, along
with some more off the wall choices such as their lobster roll or the breakfast
pizza. However if five or more people are in your party, I would definitely
suggest going for the two course family brunch, which contains nine dishes and three sides served buffet style.  The avocado
toast is delicious and make sure you leave room for the huge slices of french
toast in the second course – you won’t regret it! Oh and did I mention
cocktails are less than a dollar? Brunch is pretty boozy in NYC!

Sixty Five Bar, Midtown

Another great place Holly took us too was
Sixty Five Bar, which is found at the top of the Rockefeller Plaza. Open on Monday to Friday from 5pm onwards, a drink in here is a great place to get the
view of the New York skyline, without waiting in the long ques for top of the
rock. With cocktails starting from $20, the prices are super reasonable and are
also cheaper than a top of the rock ticket – win win!

Friedmans, Chelsea 

This roundup wouldn’t be complete with just
one good brunch place, so my second choice comes in the form of Friedmans, a
family run restaurant that has 4 locations across the city. We headed to the
Chelsea Market branch for a post New Year’s Eve hangover cure and it
certainly didn’t disappoint. Offering a menu that prides itself as comfort food
that tastes good and feels good too the brunch offering is filled with hearty
American staples such as waffles, eggs and carbs a plenty. This place is also
great for those going gluten free, as the menu contains no gluten as standard!
If you still have room, there are also plenty of delicious food stalls in the
market itself – brunch can be three courses right?

S’Mac, Midtown

I think any of the three friends I was in
New York with will be able to tell you how much I went on about this place. Mac
and Cheese is one of my ultimate favourites and I was determined to try this
little cheesy pasta haven. S’Mac has the biggest choice of Mac and Cheese I
have ever seen and if none of the amazing combinations they have on the menu
take your fancy you can even build your own by choosing your cheese, herbs,
veggies and meats – I was seriously excited! With eat in, take out or delivery
options – this is a great choice for days when you are packing a lot in.

Good Enough To Eat, Upper West Side

Another thing that should be an essential
in any New York trip is pancakes and whether it’s thick, thin, savoury or sweet
there is sure to be somewhere that serves up a stack for you. Last year we
sampled the breakfast pancakes at George’s near Wall Street but I have to say
they were pipped by the ones we tried at the Good Enough To Eat diner on the Upper West Side, a stones throw away from Central Park. This cute and quirky spot
draped in fairy lights feels more like a trendy café than a diner and they have
a delicious choice of flavours to choose form including chocolate and coconut,
banana and walnut, and the ‘Lumberjack’ special with bacon and maple syrup. Be
sure to sample their incredible signature strawberry butter, which comes with every order.

Lombardi’s, Little Italy

A New York eats roundup wouldn’t be
complete without pizza and we headed to Little Italy to try and find the best
around. After a quick google review, we decided to head to Lombardi’s, which was
actually the first ever pizzeria in America. The simple menu isn’t filled with
the unusual pizza flavours you might find at some of the more trendy joints, but for traditional tasty staples it can’t be beaten. The dough is a
dream topped with the freshest mozzarella and Italian herbs and the portions
live up to traditional American standards! Ordering a large and sharing should
be plenty to fill you up and why not team it with a Bud for the true New York
pizza experience.

Dig Inn Seasonal Market, Midtown

My final
inclusion is surprisingly healthy! It’s really easy for every day to be a cheat
day when you are in New York and sometimes your body is craving a bit of
goodness. Dig Inn seasonal markets are the perfect place to get a quick healthy
fix with a selection of salads and large or small plates filled with a choice
of meat and fresh veg. The wild sockeye salmon is seriously good as is the kale
and curried squash (although I’d give the shaven brussel sprouts a miss!). Wash
it down with one of their artisanal teas or cold pressed juices to quench your

What are your favourite foodie spots in New York? Have you ever visited one of my top picks?

Charlotte x