The Travel Post #4: Salty Air and Vintage Lanes in Brighton

Recently my best friends from uni and I
decided to head down to Brighton for the weekend. We arranged it as a surprise
for one of our birthdays and so booked ourselves into a beaut little apartment
right in the heart of the little seaside town. We spent the weekend getting
lost in The Lanes, eating some seriously AMAZING food and drinking cocktails in
the salty sea air and I completely fell in love with the place! Our trip sort
of split itself into three parts, (four if you include our cribs style
penthouse apartment!) so that seems like a good way to split the post too…

The Lanes

As well as the ususal highstreet hotspot
that you have in any town, Brighton has a really quirky collection of
individual shops and boutiques in what is known as the Lanes. North Laines was
right next door to where we were staying and that is a particulary hipster and
trendy part of the town. We started our weekend there by pitching up in an Alice
in Wonderland style pub, The White Rabbit where they served the biggest
sandwiches I have ever seen! After munching my way through a pretty special
Chicken and Chorizo monster (with the addition of some skinny fries!) we spent
the rest of the afternoon wandering round the vintage stalls and bookshops. We
eventually found our way over to the other side of the lanes where it really is
impossible not to get lost, because they twist and turn in every frickin’
direction! We popped into Bluebird Tea Co., where Zoella just happened
to be chilling out having a smoothie (crazy right?! Bit of a fan girl moment!)
and then I made a completely necessary purchase from the Sass and Belle shop

The Nightlife

Now Brighton is obviously known for having
an amazing nightlife, but since we were only there for one night and didn’t
want Sunday to be completely wiped out by hangovers, we decided to go for
dinner and cocktails rather than the full on clubbing experience. The guy we
rented our apartment from recommended a Thai restaurant called The GigglingSquid for dinner, and since the Birthday girl had never tried Thai food before and
the rest of us were big fans we decided it was the perfect choice. The food was
literally beautiful and tasted really authentic – I even got to have a Chang
beer with my dinner! (Thailand blues!) The restaurant was quite small and
didn’t look like anything too fancy inside, but that’s one of the best parts of
Brighton – everywhere you go has loads of character and personality! For drinks
we originally headed down to the seafront as we had heard that’s where all the
action happened, but after wandering around in search of a good cocktail bar we
let google decide for us and made our way back towards The Lanes to find locals
favourite The Twisted Lemon.  The
cocktail menu was huuuuuge and separated by spirit – In a ‘pirates life for me’
kind of way, I decided to stick to the Rum!

The Pier

It wouldn’t be a trip to Brighton without
spending a morning on the pier and after a Sunday breakfast trip to Bills (yeah
I had blueberry and syrup pancakes AND eggs benedict…) we ran down like little
kids to hit the arcade. The Pier actually does a really good offer where you
can get an unlimited ticket for all the rides for only £15, which if you are an
adrenaline junkie is a pretty good deal! In our group there were only a few of
us that were up for loop the loop kind of fun so we just went on a select few
and then all crammed into the mandatory arcade photobooth which after a few
attemps was still a bit of a failure! Then it was time for the beach. We spent
our last few hours just chilling out by the sea and taking way too many
selfies. There was just time for some fish and chips and a huge raspberry,
white chocolate and champagne ice cream before we had to get the train home

The Penthouse

Now I have to say, finding somewhere to
stay in Brighton was a bit of a task. It’s quite expensive and hardly anywhere
allows only one night stays. After weeks of searching, it was less than 7 days
before our trip and we still hadn’t found anywhere. I got in touch with the
guys at Your Brighton Holiday and even though they too don’t usually allow one-night
stays, since their apartment still had availability for our dates they let us
have it and for a really reasonable price compared to everywhere else I had
looked! The guys who own it were super friendly and explained everything we
needed to know when we got there. Lady Luck also seemed to be on our side, as
the original apartment we booked was having plumbing issues so Nick and his
team at Your Brighton Holiday  kindly upgraded us to a two-floor penthouse for
the weekend, hell yeahhhhhh! Obviously we were A-Okay with that, but they did
sort out the issue really quickly and gave us some good tips for how to get the
best of the little town during our brief stay. I would definitely recommend
them as a good port of call if you are looking for accommodation there and even
if you don’t find anywhere straight away don’t give up – I think you can get
the best deals if you leave it late!

Have you visited any new places in the UK

Charlotte x