The Style Post #8: Paris Est Magique, La Redoute’s Secrets to French Fashion with a little help from me…

French women’s style is world renowned for being one of the best. Their classic, elegant and timeless look is one that every girl dreams of recreating. It’s no surprise then, that I nearly spat out my cup of english breakfast when an invitation dropped into my inbox asking me to enter a competition to become the brand ambassador for La Redoute, a  clothing brand who specialise in making the french style easily achievable. Not to mention that part of the prize was a VIP trip to Paris, one of my favourite cities in the whole world!

Your 12 months as the brand ambassador will be jam packed with uber cool perks such as a monthly allowance to spend at La Redoute, a feature in Grazia magazine online and the chance to guest blog for La Redoute as their french fashion expert!

All I had to do to win was write a post with my top style tip. For a bit of inspiration I headed over to their new Secrets to French Style site which gives you 7 classic wardrobe staples that will help you achieve that super chic french look, (the trench coat is my personal favourite). Contained on the site were also quotes from the leading lights of french fashion, and while looking around for some stylespiration, one in particular caught my eye…

“I start my collection thinking how I can refresh my classics” 

                                                          – Jean Paul Gaultier  

For me, mister Jean Paul has got it in one. I love french style, and I can’t help but admire the beautiful elegance of a lady in a Breton stripe shirt and minimal looking trench coat. But I wouldn’t say that is necessarily MY classic look. If I were to try and mimic her completely, I am walking around in her style not mine. Why not try teaming the shirt with a leather jacket instead? Or trying the coat with a print dress to mix it up? My top style tip is to always try and add your own stamp into a look you are trying to recreate my attempt at doing so is shown in my french style pin board you can see at the top of this post. 

I love the french trend of sticking to dark wash skinny blue jeans, but I think teaming the jeans with a baggy jumper rather than a shirt can look equally cool and stylish. Similarly, smart tailored items like trench coats are something that I am a big fan of and the use of these kind of items in an outfit is really big in french fashion. But I chose to make my smart piece a rucksack rather than a coat to make my look a bit more fun and laid back. 

As much as macaroons are most peoples favourite sweet treat from over the channel, I can’t help but prefer a big chunky Krispy Kreme (Sorry France but USA won that one) and for the literature geek in me, although I like french novels, I kind of preferred the Norwegian stuff from my euronovel module at uni…and guess what? That’s okay! Because what really makes a person’s style stand out is when you let yourself be influenced what you like and feel free to ignore the stuff you don’t like, or stuff you feel doesn’t really work for you.

What I am trying to get at is French style, or any style for that matter, is best achieved when you aren’t afraid to do it your way. Let’s use what we learn from these beautiful frenchies and show them how we can make it our own. That way we are channelling our inner parisian to refresh our own style rather than trying to dress up in someone else’s. 

So here is my attempt at showing how I can apply all the wonderful tips I learnt from La Redoute’s Secrets to French Style into my own wardrobe. Fingers crossed I can experience a whole world of french fashion as the new La Redoute Ambassador and maybe celebrate with a glass of bubbly overlooking this beautiful spot.

Image Credit: We heart it

Charlotte x

p.s Just because macaroons haven’t stolen my heart doesn’t mean I don’t feel crazy about Pain Au Chocolat, France created heaven in a pastry with that one.