The Style Post #2: Cotton Love

While scrolling through my Instagram feed a few days ago I saw this picture posted by the beautiful and uber stylish Fearne Cotton.

Even though the picture is only of her ankle (teamed with the beautiful boots obviously), she makes that ankle look so god damn cool! This picture was then solely responsible for me purchasing these…

River Island £40


However in a less damaging way to my bank balance it also made me want to dedicate an entire post to her completely unique and to die for style. So here is my ode to my ultimate fashion girl crush…



I can’t even decide which one of these looks is my favourite – although the tweed skirt and THAT green dress are strong contenders. What I love about her style so much is she is always so on trend but she isn’t afraid to put her own stamp on it and take some risks. She has fun with her fashion and knows what works best for her and that is something we all strive to learn!
Her quirky edge teamed with girly dresses and head to toe tailoring is a style not just anyone can rock and I can only dream of recreating (my 5’1 legs don’t quite cut the mustard in some of the more leg bearing get ups) – but in the mean time I can spend my time drooling over her vast collection of beautiful outfits – Fearne I salute you!