The (Semi) Book Post #6: Why I love Company Magazine

When I was little, I was one of those kids who wanted to read EVERYTHING. We used to go to museums and I would take hours to get round because I felt like I had to read every single information board there was in case I missed some fun facts. Thankfully as I got a bit older I managed to grow out of that (slightly!) but even now I still find it hard to pick what I want to read with so many options out there! 

The world of magazines is no exception – I love flicking through a magazine but I’m not one of those that can scan and only read the odd article, if I am reading a mag I will read it cover to cover and so I like to choose one that really fits with my interests and the stuff that I love.

For a long while, I tended to flit between magazines such as Look, Grazia, Glamour etc but while waiting for a train to London last year, I picked up a copy of Company Magazine and I haven’t looked back since. 

On Company’s brand identity page they claim the magazine is for a girl in “their freedom years” for a girl who “sets her own fashion agenda”, and this points towards what it is that I love about the brand. Like any girl my age, I love fashion, but that doesn’t mean that I know every catwalk show from last month’s Paris fashion week like the back of my hand. Although I like to take a peak at the latest looks to grace the catwalks, the fashion that I want to read about is that one that is walking down Oxford Street every day. The fashion that 20 something girls who are in their “freedom years” are living and breathing in – the lipstick they wear when they are falling in love, the killer playlist they listen to when they are out getting drunk and the high street blazer that will help them bag that dream internship. 

Company brings fashion back down to the clothes girls my age are living their lives in and to compliment that they fill their pages with content that we would really care about. Whether it’s an article on how to take control of your career, a feature on the most stylish bloggers or their monthly ‘read it and tweet’ columns, Company has all the bases covered. They are completely savvy about what young, driven girls want to read about and they use all the right platforms to reach them. With a very active presence on Instagram, Pintrest and their own Youtube channel, they aren’t just using the tired, typical methods of social media to interact with their audience.

The most recent cover star of Company was the very cool Zoella who has made a name for herself out of her blog. Editor of Company Magazine Victoria White claimed having a blogger and youtube star on the cover was about “championing a new type of success – one that has a desire to build a brand using the tools available”. It is this kind of celebration, of determined and hard working young girls, that sets company apart from the covers graced with the same celebrity faces. 

As a blogger, I have come to appreciate how supportive Company is of young girls using social media to create their own identities and speak out to an audience that wouldn’t have been reachable a few years ago. As a reader, I love finding a magazine that isn’t afraid to put fashion back in the hands of the fiercely ambitious and creative 20 something, who is enjoying her freedom years on brick lane rather than the catwalk.