The Lifestyle Post #6: Getting inspired with the Color Run

Image Credit: Magic Camera (Contact for removal)

I would like to say that I am a lover of getting down to the gym 5 times a week and an avid exerciser but unfortunately…that would be a lie. That being said, I really want to make it my mission to get a bit more active and push myself to tear my eyes away from the new episode of Pretty Little Liars (it’s a tough ask). 

I thought that a great way to do that would be to throw myself in the deep end and sign up for a charity run and what better place to start than with the Color Run? If you haven’t heard too much about the event, it is known as the happiest 5k on the planet because at every km, you get dosed in colour. The race was created to celebrate “healthiness, happiness, individuality and giving back to the community” which I think are pretty damn cool things to celebrate. The run takes place in a whole load of cities across the globe and on the 16th August it is coming to Birmingham. This gives me a grand total of six weeks to go from complete couch potato to running 5k in, what I hope will be, a decentish time – challenge accepted!

I am going to be running to raise money for a charity called War Child, who carry out amazing work to change the lives of children who have been affected by war or conflict. I realise how lucky I am to have the opportunities I do in life and I hope any amount of money I raise can help to give young people access to the protection and education that every child deserves.

So here’s the part where you can help (You knew it was coming!). If you think watching me try to run for longer than 30 seconds, whilst being dosed with colour at every km, is worth a donation, then click HERE. Every penny will help and it really is going to the best cause.

Wish me luck!

Charlotte x