The Lifestyle Post #4: Alphabet Dating

If you have ever been in a long term relationship, you will know how easy it is to get into a routine of spending nights in your pyjamas losing hours working your way through every show on Netflix. Although this is obviously a perfectly acceptable way to spend your nights (Breaking Bad is our current show of choice) it can leave you feeling in a bit of rut and sometimes it means you don’t make enough effort to spend quality time together doing things outside of your work/sleep/netflix cycle. Since Will and I have been together nearly two years now, we are always on the look out for ways to keep our relationship fresh and fun and whilst flicking through a magazine recently I came across a little beauty of an idea called Alphabet Dating. The concept is pretty simple, you work your way through the alphabet and take it in turns to plan a date for each letter. It is such a good way to do things a little bit out of the ordinary and make sure you take the time to be together without the couch third wheelin’. While we were in the Isle of Wight (if you haven’t seen my latest travel post then check it out here!), we headed down to Sandown Pier and ventured on our first date which was A for the Arcades. We spent the evening shooting hoops, losing at the claw machines and having way too many turns on the super photobooth (complete with a wind machine and everything!). It was so nice to go out on a proper date night and chill out doing something a bit different.

Have you guys ever tried anything like this? Now I need a good suggestion for B…

Charlotte x