The Lifestyle Post #25: Taking a #BubbleBreak with Bathstore

A few weeks ago, I came home to a package from the team at Bathstore filled with some lovely treats to help me chill out and unwind. I have posted before about how important it is to put downtime into your day and the guys at Bathstore carried out some research that showed, despite your bathroom being the perfect place for you to do this, less and less people are using it as somewhere to chill out and forget about the stresses of crazy everyday life – in fact over two thirds of us actually take our phones with us into the bathroom, so crazy!

To help me learn how to relax I was sent a package with a Lush bath bomb, a seriously good smelling M&S candle, some Sanctuary body lotion, a facemask and a little Bathstore rubber duck!

After a stressful few months, it really did help me to take some time out for myself and just switch off from everything and it reminded me how important it is do that, especially in today’s world where technology is literally glued to our eyes 24/7. It’s definitely something I will try and make time for more often.

How do you take time out? Do you use your bathroom to relax?

Charlotte x