The Lifestyle Post #21: Top Tips to Become a Present Buying Pro’

Like pretty much everyone in the whole world ever, I love getting presents, but although it sounds a bit cheese fest,  I actually really enjoy looking for presents for the people close to me too. I think I see it as a bit of a challenge to try and find something that they will really love, but that they aren’t expecting and there isn’t a much better feeling than seeing someone with a big goofy grin when they open something you’ve bought them. Over my time as a present buying enthusiast, I have picked up some really good tips, which help me get a gift that is da bomb every time…

Listen up’

First things first – the couple of months before you want to buy someone a present, you need to become a damn good listener. Keep an ear out for things they are loving, clothes they like the look or just things they would love to see or do and keep a note of it in your phone. This will give you loads of things to reference, when you start to look for something to buy.

Look around

Once you have your list of things they love, get googling and see if there is anything new coming out around those things. For example if you’ve noted they are a big converse lover, see if they are bringing out a new range or check to see when their favourite band is next touring. This can sometimes mean you end up getting them something, before they have even found out it existed, which earns you major brownie points!

Learn from experience

This one is all down to preference, but for me, an experience type gift can often have much more wow factor than something materialistic. Websites like IntoTheBlue have a whole load of experiences to choose, including everything from afternoon tea in Mayfair to surfing lessons in Cornwall – or if you are really struggling to decide, you could get them an experience voucher so they can choose their own. 

Ditch the highstreet

If an experience type gift really isn’t their thing, there are still ways to think outside the box and get them something special. Ditch the traditional high street shops in favour of online sites like Etsy and Not On The Highstreet for more quirky and unique ideas. Sites like this will often also allow you to personalise your choice, so rather than simply getting your paps a new briefcase for Father’s Day, you could get it embossed with his initials to give it a little extra touch. 

What do you think of my tips? Do you do any of these?

Charlotte x