The Lifestyle Post #17: Waking Up With Mornflake

A few weeks ago, the lovely guys at Mornflake got in touch to see if I would like to try out some of their new TopPorridge Pots. I have to say, I am definitely a breakfast person – as soon as I
open my eyes, I’m thinking about what I can have to start off the day.  The problem is, like most people working full
time it’s always a bit of a toss up between getting up fifteen minutes earlier
to make a yummy breakfast or having fifteen extra minutes curled up under the
quilt…the quilt usually wins. 

I love the idea of having a breakfast that
is tasty and filling but that is really handy to take in my bag and make when I
get to work. Although sachets of porridge are obviously not too difficult to
take with you, you still need milk, a microwave – the whole shebang. The super
cool thing about these porridge pots is that all you need is hot water and a
spoon and you’re sorted. 
I was sent two flavours to test out,
Nutella and Golden Syrup – who wouldn’t want Nutella for breakfast?! I took the porridges to work with me for
two weeks and this is what I thought…

Taste wise, I would say it was a pretty
standard porridge but it was quite thick and oaty, which is a plus point
for me! I actually preferred the golden syrup as I found even when you mixed in
the whole pot
 of Nutella the flavour still wasn’t really that strong.

One of the things I really liked was how
filling the pot was – I would eat one usually between 9-10am and I didn’t
really feel hungry until lunchtime, which meant I didn’t snack on crap all

At £1 per pot, they probably wouldn’t be
the cheapest way to start every day, but they are definitely handy to have in
the cupboard for those mornings where you just want a few more minutes snuggled
in bed. Mornflake also sent me their new Mornflake Oats Best Loved Recipe Book
to try, where they give you 30 of the best loved recipes using their OrganicOats, and since I have just invested in a new smoothie maker I will definitely
be giving some of their smoothies a whirl!  

Have you ever tried any porridge pots? What’s
your favourite breakfast to start the morning?

Charlotte x