The Lifestyle Post #16: An ode to my momma

Photo Book, PhotoBox*

Everyone thinks that their mom is the best right? But PhotoBox recently set me the task of creating something to show the best bit of advice my mum ever gave me. 23 years of advice is a lot to try and narrow down into the single best bit, so instead I decided to create a book showing the A-Z of all my favourite things that my momma taught me, from the perfect lipstick application to how to turn our house into an actual grotto at Christmas time. 

Mother’s Day happens every year and sometimes it’s easy to buy a nice card and the biggest bunch of flowers you can find and consider it job done, but while I was looking through boxes and boxes of old photos to make my book I realised that one day a year just isn’t enough to say thank you for all the tear wiping, belly laughing and heartbreak healing that your mum gives you throughout your whole life. 

I found pictures of things I couldn’t even remember and I loved looking back on all the adventures me and my mum had while I was growing up. Whether it’s spending hours on the karaoke machine, using every quilt in the house to make a fairy castle or chilling out with a cup of tea while she tells me why all of my problems aren’t really problems at all, I feel very lucky to have grown up with such an amazing momma. 

But seriously…did the bows need to be that big?!

Charlotte x

*This post was sponsored by PhotoBox, however all views are my own.