The Lifestyle Post #14: A 2015 Bucket List

For some reason this year, I am really motivated to set myself some goals and resolutions to try and achieve in the next 12 months. As much as the whole ‘new year new me’ statuses are a bit repetitive, I definitely think that a new year is a great chance to set yourself a challenge to do something that you have always wanted to do or change something you have always wanted to. I think the key is not to pick completely unrealistic things and also make sure you pick something fun! Ain’t nobody got time for resolutions that are just about going to the gym more, eating less chocolate or spending more time cleaning the house! So here is my 2015 bucket list, and it is a bit of a mix up of blog goals, travel plans and just little things I would love to do this year, enjoy!

1. Reach 500 blog followers

2. Go to an open air theatre 

3. Travel to at least 3 new overseas destinations

4. Take a make up artist course

5. Get really drunk with my best friends in Newcastle

6. Send a card for everyone’s birthday (I have a new system and everything to help me do this!)

7. Spend a day vintage shopping

8. Complete mine and Will’s alphabet dating challenge

9. Read at least 12 books

10. Buy a new camera 

11. Clean my make-up brushes at least once a month!

12. Take a fitness class a week 

13. Plan more weekend adventures

14. Spend an afternoon getting lost in Birmingham Library 

15. Make something crafty

16. Have an afternoon tea somewhere really fancy

17. Include more travel posts in my blog content

18. Spend a day watching disney films with my nieces 

19. Go on a road trip to the french chateaus with my Mum and Dad

20. Grow my bloody hair!

What’s on your 2015 bucket list?

Charlotte x