The Home Post #4: A little dip into DIY…

A few weeks ago, I took on a little DIY project and decided to give some of my Malm furniture a teeny weeny little makeover. In a really clichéd blogger kinda’ way I absolutely LOVE white but rather than going wild in Ikea,  I decided I would set myself a bit of a challenge and try and spruce up the stuff I already had (I know I know, so thrifty!).

After whipping out my Mario overalls, my first port of call was Pinterest and I handily found a great little post on LiveLoveDIY about how she had painted some furniture that had the same kind of laminate surface as mine. The problem with this kind of surface is if you put paint straight on it, there is no chanceeeee of it sticking, so I quickly discovered that my ‘teeny tiny’ makeover was going to have a few more stages than I first thought!

So how did I do it? First I had to coat all of the furniture in primer, so the paint had something to adhere too. The helpful B&Q man told me that I should use the Dulux Primer for Difficult Surfaces and with only a couple of coats the Beigey colour of the wood had vanished and the furniture was ready for the main event.

For the paint I used Colours Antique White. I didn’t want the finish to be too glossy, but I also didn’t want it to be completely matte so I decided to go for something in the middle with White Satin (Plus my dad told me to get that type too…)

For the actual painting bit I used a mini roller for the main surface and a little brush to get the hard to reach corner bits.

Now really, the third stage should have been to coat it with some kind of a top coat or wax, but in all honesty it was 7pm on a Sunday night and X factor was calling my name so my new and improved Malm had to go without. A few weeks on and there hasn’t been any major scratches or big chunks of paint coming off so maybe I have gotten away with it – but I would definitely recommend adding a top coat if you have the time (and the energy!)

To finish off my new look I added some new crystal knobs which I picked up in B&Q and viola my new chic parisian look furniture was complete.

I have to say, I was pretty impressed with my weekends work and I now have not only some shiny new furniture but also a great new place to take blog photographs!

What do you guys think of my first bit of DIY?

Charlotte x