The Home Post #2: Meatballs, Makeup Storage and Cinnamon Buns

On Thursday of last week, I took a trip to Ikea to invest in some much needed new make storage. Ikea are the undisputed champions of simple and cost effective storage solutions and once again they didn’t fail to disappoint as I found two perfect fittings to house my make up and jewellery stash.

The first was the tray from the Pax Interiors range. I was restricted to the size I brought because it had to fit the width of my wardrobe but this worked out just about right for laying out all my jewellery. I love the fact that I can now see all of the pieces I own and it has definitely stopped me from sticking to the few necklaces that aren’t tied in a big knot at the bottom of a box. I am hoping this will encourage me to mix it up a bit and try some different jewellery combinations and I can definitely see some excess room that needs filling so a forever 21 accessories raid is now no longer a choice matter.

The second was the Godmorgon box (RRP £15) and I also brought the separate boxes (RRP £10) to accompany it. The varying size and shape of the sections is brilliant for separating out the different products and the holder at the front (home to my trusted real techniques brushes along with my lipstick, eyeliner and mascara collection) lifts out to give you extra storage room underneath. As I am not a complete make up addict (yet!) one of these babys was enough for all of my makeup but you could purchase as many as you liked to suit a stash of any size.

And of course no Ikea trip would be complete without having some of their super swedish meatballs, with a large helping of lingonberry jam. If you haven’t tried these then you are seriously missing out as they are such a bargain at less than £5 for 12 meatballs and chips. AND on top of that, they had these amaaazing warm (yes, warm!) Cinammon buns which were only 50p! With those kind of treats on offer I don’t think it will be long before I need a new bedside table…

Charlotte x