The Haul Post #2: Spring Prep

March and April are birthday central in my family with wait for it… 4 cousins, 2 aunties, 1 Mother, 1 Father, 1 Sister, 1 Grandmother and 1 Niece all born in the next few weeks. That means a lot of birthday card buying and a whole lot of cake eating (not that I am complaining too much about that bit). But more importantly it means temptation cannot be avoided as I have to nose round the shops to find potential present ideas, of course that naturally leads to a few selfish purchases and so this is a short roundup of all my recent spring preparation purchases. Happy non birthday to me!

First up is the Sleek I-Divine Palette in Au Natural. I have heard plenty of rave reviews about Sleek products so I decided my first venture into the brand would be their alternative to the Urban Decay Naked Range. I really like the variation of neutral shades that the palette offers with a good mix of matte and shimmer powders. My favourite shades are Taupe, Bark and Conker, but there isn’t any colours that I think I wouldn’t use! The only downside is that from my first few uses I would say the pigment is nowhere near Urban Decay league! For a fraction of the price of the Naked palettes it is still worth the investment but if your a tried and tested Urban Decay girl you might not be converted by this.

I bought my mum two Rimmel Apocalips lacquers for Christmas and after giving them a sneaky test drive I completely fell in love! I bought it in shade celestial, which is a really nice soft pink, making a change from the reds and plums that usually grace my lips!

My last in the Boots 3 for 2 haul was Rimmel Scandaleyes Micro Eyeliner. Again this was a product I had seen rave reviews of across the beauty blogosphere but I have to say after using it for a week or so, I am not too sold. I find it is really precise which means it is quite easy to apply on the top lid, but its wear time leaves something to be desired…I think I might venture into the world of gel eyeliner instead, any recommendations? Throw them my way!

On the fashion side of things, I have added two new spring additions to my wardrobe. Firstly I love love love Topshop’s range of frilly ankle socks and these three colours were the perfect edition to my already quite hefty collection. I spotted a girl wearing the black ones with acid wash mum jeans and oxblood patent creepers and had serious style envy, so this will be my first inspiration for styling them up!

Finally I have been after the perfect black and white striped top for months and months. I was looking for one that was soft comfy material and a slouchy boxed shape (not that I am too fussy or anything!) but nowhere was showing me the goods – that was until H&M came up with this little beauty. The perfect combination of boxed slouchyness and a good length to wear with leggings or jeans. Parisian chic here I come!

Have you made any spring purchases recently?

Charlotte x