The Gift Guide Post #1: Valentines Day Edit

As I’m sure you will know if you have been anywhere near a shop this side of Christmas it is now less than a week to go until cupid gets his bow out and makes everyone feel soppy and loved up for a day. Now Valentines Day gets a lot of bad press, but if you ask me, a day to celebrate the people you love in your life can only be a good thing! I’ve always believed that it shouldn’t just be about celebrating your boyfriend or girlfriend but anyone you love whether that’s your best friend, your sister or your cat…okay maybe that’s too far!
With that being said, even a hopeless romantic like me can feel a bit nauseous at the amount of red roses and heart shaped chocolates that fill my timeline on the 14th. I like to try and think a little bit more out of the box, so here is my chocolate and roses free gift guide for your beau this valentines…

From left to right:

Valentines Prints*, Easy Art From £14.95

If you are buying for a bit of an art lover, then you should check out the range of prints that Easy Art has an offer. These are just two of my favourites from their Valentines Collection, but they have something to suit everyone from music lovers to the Shoreditch hipster. 

Soft Whale Toy, Sainsburys £6

As you maaaay have noticed from the picture above, I am a bit of a fan of a valentines pun. Put a valentines pun from the mouth of this super cute little thing and you have the cutest gift EVER.

Personalised Heart and Arrow Mason Jar,, £12

Another of my favourite things in the world is drinking out of a mason jar, and I fell in love with the personalised heart and arrow design on this one. 

Main Squeeze Octopus Card, Paperchase £2

Paperchase definitely do the best cards and I found it hard to pick one out of their range. This main squeeze one was just the right amount of cute and funny for me, but this bear one came a close second!

Popcorn Bucket Set, Sainsburys, £10

Sainbury’s definitely seems to be the supermarket to head too for valentines gifts this year and I think this popcorn set is such good idea! I definitely prefer a cosy night in for valentines so this would be the perfect accessory!

Lobser Biscuit, Not On The Highstreet, £7

Okay this is one for the friends fans…”She’s your loooobster”

I think any of these would be really cute (not too cheesy!) valentines gifts and they won’t break the bank as they all cost less than £15!

Which one will you treat your valentine to?

Charlotte x