The Event Post #8: House of Mask Fun with Cubanisto

*Some of the images used on this post were from the professional photographer at the event and can be found at

Last week, a couple of friends and I were invited down to a super secret event happening in Birmingham. The event, called House of Mask was arranged by new lager brand Cubanisto, and although the details (and venue!) was kept hidden right up until a couple of days before, the pictures from previous events looked like loads of fun, so we were all really excited (and a little bit scared!) to head down and check it out. If you haven’t tried Cubanisto yet, it is seriously good! A bit like desperado’s it takes the traditional beer flavour and mixes it with a spirit to give it a new twist. Cubanisto uses rum, and the results are delish – but very dangerous!

The event was held in a backstreet warehouse in Digbeth, a very hipster trendy part of Birmingham. When we arrived the first thing we noticed was the Cubanisto skull in neon lights outside of the venue and a long line of funky looking querers eager to see what was inside. We were lucky enough to have VIP tickets, so when we got to the entrance we got a wristband that allowed us to get free drinks all night (hell yeahhhhh) and headed straight in. The first room we walked into was an all white clinical square box room, where we had to write down a confession each to continue into the event. Feeling a bit nervous and slightly giggly we all wrote down a confession and carried into the next room where we had to hand our confession to two mental looking nurses…

Next we could finally get into the main warehouse after being handed our masks and a puzzle piece along with our first, of many, bottles of Cubanisto. 

We quickly realised that our confessions were all being shown on a big screen at the back, and some of them were also being incorporated into the Graffiti wall that two artists were working on throughout the night. After milling around we also realised that the point of the puzzle piece was that you had to find two other people who completed your skull puzzle. Once you had done this, you were given your own skeleton key which you could link up to either your Facebook or Twitter to post things automatically throughout the night, (so clever, props to the Cubanisto pr team for coming up with that!)

Now it was time to explore some of the things that were going on around the room. There was loads of fun activities such as a game where you could win a free burger from the streetfood stall, a mask clinic with sharpies and glitter pens so you could personalise your disguise and lastly a photobooth, because everyone loves them, right? After we had taken a good look around, and seen off more than a few more beers we spent the rest of the night on the dancefloor. A few quickly became a few too many and we all left at around 1pm waaaaaay drunker than we expected to be!

All three of us had a wicked time at the event, and it was so nice to go to something a little bit different and to see a marketing company come up with such a quirky idea. It definitely captured the mysterious havana backstreet identity that I associate with the brand and the whole thing was done so so well.

A big thank you to the Cubanisto team for inviting us down…not so much of a thank you for the sicky stomach and sore head I had the next day! 

Charlotte x