The Event Post #20: Fun on the Thames with Ladbrokes

A few weeks ago, I was invited down to London by the lovely guys at Ladbrokes to embark on the first ever floating casino. One of my favourite ways to see London is from the water and believe it or not I had never actually properly visited a casino so I was really excited to get on my glad rags and spend the night pretending I was a vegas pro. After getting my hair done by the lovely Dean’s from sixth sense (more on that here!), I hopped on the train to Euston to meet my friend Emily. After a speedy makeover we jumped on the tube to embankment and joined the rest of the bloggers onboard the cruise. 

Following some quick introductions we were directed downstairs where a delicious buffet and a host of casino games awaited us. I followed Em’s lead over to the crepes table, where we ended up staying for most of the night! After the croupier showed us the ropes, and gave us a cheeky few free bets, it wasn’t too long before we were taking it very seriously! Thankfully the gambling was all being done with fake money – handy since I kept leaving my chips everywhere. 

As well as the gambling, professional magician Pete Doorey was on board to show us some of his tricks and half way through the night we found our way over to him to see his magic in action. He was seriously good and showed me an amazing trick where he turned a pack of cards in my hand into a block of glass!

The cruise finished with some prize giving for the best casino performance and a dj playing as we made our way back towards the pier but em and I chose to sit out of the disco with some other bloggers and take advantage of the free bar and the beaut view of London at night. 

I had a great time on the cruise and what better place to learn the ropes of the casinos than on the Thames?! 

Thanks for having us Ladbrokes, I think I’m just about ready for the MGM Grand! 

Charlotte x