The Event Post #2: Hollywood hair from Show Beauty

Images courtesy of Show Beauty

Recently, I was lucky enough to attend a Show Beauty Masterclass at Harvey Nichols, BirminghamShow Beauty are a brand who make premium haircare that literally oozes luxury (seriously even the packaging is super stylish) and they specialise in achieving that super glamorous hollywood look. I was really excited to attend the class as I am a big fan of the big barrel roll curls that you constantly see gracing the red carpet and I couldn’t wait to see how their product could be used to achieve that kind of style.

When we first arrived we were treated to a glass of champagne and given some time to chat to the other people there (where I met the lovely Lola from Look Fantastic) before sitting down to watch the Show Beauty ladies do their thing.

We were treated to two hollywood hair tutorials in total. The first was voluminous barrel curls on mid length hair achieved by using rollers. To do this, the hair was first set in rollers and then taken out and blow-dried after having the Lux Volume Moose worked gently through the hair. The look was then finished by lightly spraying the Premiere Finishing Spray to hold the curls in place and give it an ultra glossy finish. I really loved the effect of the overall style, and the Lux Volume Moose seemed to work wonders at making the curls big and bouncy! The finishing spray also smelt AMAZING!

The second style was softer waves on long hair achieved by using tongs. One really good tip that the Show Beauty ladies gave us was to always pin your curls after you have styled them (whether that be with rollers or tongs!), this will allow the hair to cool in the shape of the curl and will make it hold its shape for longer. Before the hair was placed in pin curls, the Premiere Working Texture Spray was used to give the hair a really malleable, workable and weightless feel. Once the hair had been left in pins the curls were then taken out and brushed through to give a smooth soft finish. Once again the Premiere Finishing Spray was used to perfect the A list look. Out of the two, this was my favourite, and also seemed the most achievable for me as I am used to working with tongs to achieve curls.

As well as the products we saw demonstrated in the tutorials we also got to have a try of the Premiere Dry Shampoo and the Pure Treatment Oil. The dry shampoo is one of the only ones available without talc n powder and this made a massive difference as using it didn’t leave the powdery residue that many dry shampoos can. The hair oil also felt really thick and luxurious and I can imagine it would leave your hair feeling like silk!

To top off the evening we also received a voucher for a complimentary blowdry from the Show Beauty team which could be redeemed at a later date. This was a really nice perk as I had no plans after the event so I can save it for a time when I am going somewhere nice!

I had a great time at the event and was really impressed by the quality and style of the range – it would definitely be perfect for a serious pamper session with the girls or as a present for any hair lover! Thank you Harvey Nichols, Birmingham and Show Beauty for inviting me and letting me into your hollywood secrets.

Charlotte x