The Book Post #9: The Rosie Project

The Rosie Project, Graeme Simsion

I feel like I haven’t done a book review in
forever, so I can’t wait to tell you guys about one of the best books I have
read in a long time. I had heard a lot of good things about The Rosie Project
before I got around to reading it – I was expecting big things and it
definitely didn’t disappoint!

The book follows the tale of Dom, a
university professor of genetics who studies Asperger’s Disease whilst
ironically showing undiagnosed symptoms of Autism himself. After a few failed
romances, Dom uses his super rational way of thinking to devise a questionnaire
designed to find his ideal wife.

However, low and behold, in comes Rosie who
smokes, is always late and is mathematically incompetent meaning she is by no means the perfect match –
but of course Dom can’t help but fall for her anyway.

Although it seems like a bit of a predictable romance story, there is something
about the relationship between Rosie and Dom, which feels that bit more real
and honest than just your average boy meets girl story.
The situations in which the pair find
themselves are genuinely funny and the interactions between the two as Rosie
fails to understand but at the same time, completely falls for Dom’s unique
character make you feel all fuzzy inside.

But I think the main reason I loved this
book was that, just like Rosie, I fell completely in love with Dom. The
protagonist is charming, sincere, a little bit crazy and I couldn’t get enough
of him. I found his quirky little traits and rigid calculation of everything in
life so endearing and found his narrative completely captivating.

Simsion does an amazing job at portraying what
can sometimes be incomprehensible human behaviour in a way that makes it
loveable and enchanting and in doing so he bridges the gap between a way of
thinking that many may perceive as so removed from the norm.

Through Dom, and the way in which Simsion
encourages his readers to love him, we see Autism from a different perspective,
one that is captivating and heart warming rather than alien.

Have any of you guys read The Rosie

Charlotte x