The Beauty Post #9: Perfecting the Ombre/Balayage Blend with Treat Me Suite


If you read my A/W wishlist post, you will have seen that one of the things I have been really lusting after is a new look for my hair. After spending a few too many hours on Pinterest, I fell in love with the mix between Balayage and Ombre hair that lots of celebs have been sporting recently (think Cheryl in the auditions of the X Factor). Now that my hair has finally started to grow and was in much stronger condition, I decided it was time to take the plunge and start the journey to achieving my dream look.

The first stage of colouration I had done was a couple of months ago at a salon near to where I work. Although it did lighten up the ends of my hair, I wasn’t particularly happy with the colour that was achieved and the blend didn’t seem as smooth as it could have been. 

In what seemed like crazy perfect timing a few weeks later, the lovely Lindsey from Treat Me Suite got in touch to see if I would be interested in coming down and testing out her beautiful brand new salon. It just so happened that Lindsey is a colour genius (seriously!) and so I put my hair in her hands to try and achieve the perfect Ombre/Balayage blend.

I headed down to the salon on a rainy Saturday afternoon and was greeted by Lindsey who sat me down, provided me with some tea and biscuits and told me a little bit about her work and new salon before we got started. Other than Lindsey being incredibly good at what she does, she is also extremely passionate about using products that are as natural and as free from chemicals as can be. This was amazing for me as I was really conscious of not ruining the condition of my hair with the whitener. After a brief chat and some swapping of our favourite Pinterest images, Lindsey got started – I was so excited!

Before she applied any colour to my hair, Lindsey took a strand and tested the strength of it to see how well it would hold up with the whitener applied. This was a little touch that I really loved, because it showed that Lindsey was really listening to my concerns and taking extra measures to ensure she gave me the best possible finish she could.

Then it was time to apply the dye. The colouring that Lindsey uses is a brand called Natulique, and on me she used their Permanent Ammonia Free WhitenerNatulique specialise in creating the cleanest and safest products possible and all their colours have been designed with a big focus on natural ingredients to provide a hair colour that is gentler and more conditioning when applied. They are made from a special formulation of pure natural sunflower seed extract, jojoba oil, apricot seed oil and grape seed oil which work together to activate the colour and help restore some of the protein that is stripped from the hair by colouring it. The whitener is packed with organic ingredients to try and maintain as much as possible the condition of the hair – great news for someone with locks that are prone to breakage like mine! 

After half an hour or so Lindsey washed off the dye and I was already so happy with the colour! Lindsey wanted to check the condition of the hair before we lightened it anymore and the next step was also to colour correct some of the slightly messy blend that I had from my previous salon visit. She used some more of the Natulique dye to darken some of the blonde bits that were too high up to create a more gradual colour change from dark to blonde. After leaving that colour on for another twenty minutes or so, she added a tiny little bit more whitener to the ends just to maximise the brightness before washing it off and adding a toner to make the look a bit more ashy rather than warm. 

For the shampoo, conditioning and styling stage Lindsey uses Intelligent Nutrients products that are so organically certified you could eat them! They are packed with vitamins and antioxidants to naturally improve the condition of your hair and they smell amazing!

A quick blowdry, a trim and a touch of the Cosmos Certified Organic Straight Hair Serum and my finished look was complete!

I am genuinely so happy with the results! The colour is the perfect ashy blonde I was looking for and the blend is gradual and natural looking. And the best part? My hair doesn’t even feel like it has been bleached at all – it feels soft, strong and really healthy!

The salon itself is chic, calming and gorgeously decorated. A really cute little retreat in the centre the jewellery quarter, one of Birmingham’s newest hotspots and finally, Lindsey, is by far the best hairdresser I have ever had! There is nothing better than finding a hairdresser you love and I have definitely found that in Lindsey. So what are you waiting for? Get down there! 

Charlotte x