The Beauty Post #7: Keeping the Holiday Glow

The one problem with that famous holiday glow is that it never lasts. As soon as you step off the plane you can feel your freckles starting to fade and that sun kissed shimmer dulling as the chilly, British breeze hits your face. This year, I was determined to make my glow last that little bit longer and luckily for me, I found the perfect combination of products to do just the trick!

First up is the Bourjois BB Bronzing Cream. I actually bought this before I went on holiday to use while I was away. Although I am a big fan of full coverage foundation usually, I find foundation far too heavy in the heat, and prefer to use something a bit lighter on the skin. I teamed the Bronzing Cream with some concealer to give me just the right amount of coverage for cocktails on the evenings! 

Since I have been home however, I can’t quite get away with such an au natural base so I have been mixing  a small drop of my Estée Lauder Double Wear in sand together with the Bronzing cream and working it onto the skin with my real techniques buffing brush.

Double wear is a really thick foundation, but when teamed with the Bourjois BB cream it gives a much lighter and natural coverage – perfect for letting your natural glow come through!

To compliment the base, I use the new Benefit Fine One One highlighter, which I am in love with! I first tested it out when I went to the Benefit Bene-pub (check out my post on it here!) a couple of months ago and I was sold from the first test. It is a great coral shade blusher and highlighter combined and gives a lovely contoured sheen, which looks great with a tan. I use just a small amount on my cheekbones to add an extra pop.  

Finally to finish off I add a bit of extra highlighter down the bridge of my nose and at the rose bud of my lips using my MAC Extra Dimension Skin Finish liquid powder in Whisper of Gilt. This powder is AMAZING, but devastatingly MAC don’t sell it anymore. I think you can pick it up on eBay but for crazy prices (I saw someone selling it for £189!!), so it might be worth having a hunt around! Alternatively you could opt for the Mineralize Skinfinish which is the closest thing to it. It gives the most incredible slightly wet look finish as a highlighter but also as a pale cream eyeshadow – I love putting a little bit in the corner of my eyes to really open them up.

And viola, there you have a holiday glow that lasts. Now I just need to find a way to bring the sun, sea and sand back home too! 

Have you got any tips for how to maintain your post holiday look?

Charlotte x