The Beauty Post #4: The Spring Nail Hero Product

Out of all my nail polishes, I would say a third of them are taken up by hues of pink. Hot, pale, rosy, 

dusty – I have them all and yet when I wander the aisles of boots, it is still those pesky pinks that seem to catch my eye. It is no surprise then that my spring nail hero product comes in the form of a soft, creamy rose shade from a certain high street brand. 

Topshop’s Obey is the perfect pastel tone to keep your nails looking fresh this spring. The colour is soft enough to not be too in your face but opaque enough to not look washed out and a glossy, block-colour finish is achieved with just two coats. Teamed with my H&M stack rings my hands have never felt so pretty. Now I just need to work on not having hands that are the size of 5 year olds…

Charlotte x