The Beauty Post #14: The Game Changing Straighteners from Cloud Nine

I have been a loyal GHD user ever since I started using straighteners way back when I thought the fringe stuck to my head was a good look and I have always held the firm belief that no other irons would be able to take their status as the ultimate provider of silky straight locks.

However, I was recently contacted by the team at Cloud Nine to see if I would like to test out their new limited edition White Touch iron. Cloud Nine is a brand that claims to make revolutionary hair irons that are temperature controlled to offer a smooth finish that minimises the damage to your hair. I knew Cloud Nine had been founded by Robert Powls, the same guy who founded GHDs, and I had heard some seriously amazing things on the beauty blogger scene so I was more than a little bit excited to see what they had to offer.

When I received the parcel, I immediately fell in love with the look of it. First off the iron itself is white, which I LOVED and it came with a really handy heat resistant carry case meaning I can take it with me on all my travels.

To switch the iron on is also super easy, as you simply touch the plates together and it begins to heat up, reaching your chosen temperature almost instantly. There are two temperatures for you to choose from (135 degrees and 195 degrees) and you can adjust the iron between these by touching the plates together three times.

Over the past few weeks I have used the White Touch on a number of different occasions to create both straight and curly styles and I seriously love it! It glides through any stubborn kinks effortlessly and leaves my hair feeling glossy and smooth all day. In comparison to my GHD’s it is easier to use, more effective and leaves my hair looking and feeling beautiful. An added bonus for slightly forgetful people like me is if the plates don’t touch for 30 seconds they will automatically switch off, meaning I don’t have to worry about burning the house down when I rush out the door and accidentally leave it on!

The White Touch will definitely be my new go to hair styling tool, and I already have my eye on The O hot rollers. I think we can safely say I’m a bit a convert…

What hair styling tools do you use? Have you ever tried anything from the Cloud Nine range?

Charlotte x