The Beauty Post #11: The Perfect Spring Red Mani

One of the best Christmas presents I had (yes I am saying the c word in April) was my Sensational Starter Kit, but amazingly I haven’t yet posted about it on here! I love having painted nails, but I only seem to have time to do it on an evening and the next morning, no matter how much top coat I apply my beautiful shiny nails always look dull and smudgy – boo! In my opinion you just can’t beat the finish of gel nails but at £25 a time to have them done professionally they are hardly a budget way to keep your nails looking fiiiine. Enter the Sensational kits

They come complete with everything you need to create your own gel manicure including a UV lamp, primer, cleanser, a clear base and top coat and one or more colors depending on which kit you choose. They are super simple to use and come with clear instructions on how to give your gel nails a professional looking finish. The Sensational gel polishes are more expensive then your average polish, costing roughly £15 a bottle (although Boots do often have 3 for 2 offers!), however after a quick google search, where I stumbled across  Nail Newbie’s post, I found that there is a way to use your existing normal polishes with your sensational kit. This lucky find gave me a great excuse to create today’s post, where I combined my Sensational kit with my new Tanya Burr polish in Riding Hood*, sent to me by Product Testing UK, to create the perfect mani for spring! One of the first things I learnt when I started reading beauty blogs is that there are endless types of red in beauty and you have to make sure you are wearing the appropriate red for the appropriate season/occasion/event (yes an appropriate red is a thing). In my opinion Riding Hood is perfect for spring, not too orangey and not too deep it strikes the balance between winter and summer – not to mention that the formula is a dream that glides on like velvet and looks thick and bold with just one coat. 

Have you ever tried any of the Tanya Burr polishes? What’s your favourite spring mani? 

Charlotte x