The Beauty Post #1: Avon Calling…

For a few months now, I have been working as an Avon representative and I really really love it! It is a great way to make a little bit of extra money but more importantly I get to browse the catalogue and see sneak previews of the new products every month in my demo book (Lately I have been super lusting over the new Luxe collection which I am hoping to devote an entire post to coming up to Christmas!) I have put together 4 of my favourite Avon products that I think every girl needs in their collection…

1. Ideal Flawless Invisible Coverage Foundation – £7*

This foundation is Avon’s offering of a full coverage base and I have to say for the price it is very impressive! The texture is very light compared to other full coverage foundations, and the finish is not too matte. The coverage is medium to full with only one light application and is easily build-able to full – I also only have to add a little bit of concealer to get that ultra flawless look. One downside is that because the finish is quite powdery it can tend to very slightly cling to dryer areas such as the inner part of my eyebrows but once the foundation has warmed to the skin throughout the day, these tend to disappear (usually in place of an oily patch with my stressful combination skin but that is a problem for another day!).  It comes in a huge range of 16 shades and has an SPF 15 which is an added bonus!

2. Nail Experts Liquid Freeze Dry Spray – £4.50

I love love this product. One of my pet hates is the fact that nails take SO GOD DAMN LONG to dry. It is very rare that I manage to sit still long enough to not smudge one of them, so anything that will help them dry quicker is going to be a favourite for me – and low and behold this spray really does work! Once you have applied your varnish, simply spray the Liquid freeze lightly over the top and leave for approximately 2-3 minutes. The spray will look very oily on your fingers and around your nails but once the nails are dry, wash your hands and the excess will come straight off. In the long term, the spray also seems to protect the shine of my polish which is a plus for me as I am really not sold on the matte nails look (nails SHOULD be glossy right?!). Out of the four this is the most innovative product so if you are looking for a new every day essential – get this in your handbag!

3. Luxe Creme Lip Gloss – £5.50

As I said above, everything in the Luxe range is making me swoon but I treated myself to this product last month in the ‘Steamy Plum’ shade (the Luxurious Red was a close contender) and I haven’t looked back. I am not usually a lip gloss kind of girl as I find it too sticky but this one has a creamy texture which feels much more comfortable on my lips. It offers the same glossy finish as other lip glosses but without the sticky texture meaning you can have perfect Christmas party lips that don’t get in the way of you munching on your turkey and mince pie! 

4. SuperShock Gel Eyeliner Pencil – £6

Finally we have the SuperShock Gel Eyeliners which come in a stunning range of shades including khaki, silver and violet. The colour pigment is really strong making them perfect for that striking look and the gel gives a texture which offers the same sharp definition of liquid eyeliner without having to squint your eyes while you wait for it to dry. I was also really impressed with the way the definition of the liners lasted throughout the day, I often have to reapply my liner because of smudging but this offers colour that stays sharp and intense even after hours of lectures or work!

You can check out the full Avon range on their website, or contact your local representative to get your catalogue today, hey if you are in Birmingham I could even hit ya’ll up!

Charlotte x

*All prices are the price stated in the current campaign (18) or on the Avon Website – they are subject to change.