The Lifestyle Post #1: RSC £5 Theatre Tickets

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Today, I have booked yet another set of tickets to go and watch a performance at the RSC’s Royal Shakespeare Theatre in Stratford upon-Avon. This year I have been lucky enough to get tickets to five different performances by the company and as I am studying a Shakespeare module as part of my degree course it is not only super fun but also really helpful to see some of Shakespeare’s best plays performed live!
The reason I have frequented the theatre so often in recent months is not because I am super rich or have some cool theatrey contacts but because the RSC run an amazing scheme for 16-25 year olds where they offer £5 (YES ONLY £5!) tickets for all of their performances. Even better than that, the tickets aren’t crappy seats at the back of the theatre where you can hardly see the stage or you have to strain your neck for three hours to see round the big pillar in front of you, seats are available in all parts of the theatre including the lower circle and the stalls.
This is such a brilliant and budget way of having a night at the theatre, and if you are studying any Shakespeare or even any theatre in general it is a much more interesting way to work than staring at books all day. The RSC also stage performances in London and Newcastle upon Tyne, and on occasion they will perform plays other than Shakespeare; I have just booked tickets for me and my boyfriend to go and see Wendy and Peter Pan at Christmas!
In the last few weeks, the RSC have released tickets for their Winter 13′ Season, featuring an amazing performance of Richard II starring David Tennant, so now is a really good time to see what’s coming up and get booking yourself some tickets!
I have only found out about this scheme in the past few months and I am so gutted I didn’t know about it earlier, hopefully this blog will help a few more people to know about the deal and encourage you to take a trip to Stratford! (There is also a harry potter shop there – which is reason enough for me to go)
Take a look at their website here and get booking!

Charlotte x