The Event Post #9: Seeing differently with AIR OPTIX® COLORS

A few weeks ago, I was invited down to the
Bullring to test out some of the new AIR OPTIX® COLORS contact lenses. I dabbled in
some very questionable coloured lenses from Asda when I was about 14 but since
then I haven’t tried them so I was excited to head down and see what the 
AIR OPTIX® COLORS lenses had to offer. 

After some quick introductions, the lovely
team explained that to order the lenses there will be a number of
stages to ensure you purchase a shade and prescription that is right for you.
One thing that I didn’t realise was that even if you are a glasses wearer you
can order some as they simply tailor the lenses to suit your
ting prescription.

The first step is to head into the colour studio to test out which shade will be right for you. There are 9 shades in total to choose from – 4 of them are more vibrant colours designed to
make an impact, and 5 of them are more subtle shades designed for every day

After some deliberation, I decided to test
out two shades, which were gemstone green and honey. Since I have blue eyes
naturally, I wanted to try something that would be a big change and after
trying a quick preview in the colour studio, these were the two I decided I liked the most. 

Now it was time to pop my chosen coloured
contacts in and see the difference it made. 
Since I haven’t really worn contacts before, the in house opticians put
the contacts in for me. It wasn’t the easiest of jobs for them, my eyes were
streaming as they tried to get the contacts inside but after a few trials and
tribulations we managed it!

I have to say I absolutely loved both shades.
It’s crazy how much changing your eye colour can change your whole look! What I
really liked about them is that even though the colours I chose were a big
change from blue, they still looked really natural. The lenses are made with  3 in 1 color technology, which not only transforms the colour of your iris but also works to define and brighten your eye, giving the lenses their super natural look. 
They were also really comfortable compared to the other contacts I tried as they are made with breathable and ultra smooth material so you don’t feel as if you are wearing lenses.

After we had finished
checking our new eyes out in the mirror we were whisked off to get a makeover
to emphasise the colour we had chosen. This is one part of wearing coloured contacts I
would really enjoy as I am forever finding seriously gorgeous make up looks on
pinterest that would just never look as good with blue eyes, so it would great
to pop them in for a party or a special occasion and be able to rock a brand
new make up look aswell as a new eye colour.

After testing out the range, I would
definitely consider getting myself some of these beauties. I wouldn’t wear them
everyday but for something a bit different every now and again, I love them! 

Have you ever tried coloured contacts? Which of the shades catch your eye?

Charlotte x